Enjoying Arab hospitality

This coming Saturday, June 29 at 4pm I will be talking about all the generous hospitality I have had in the many countries I have visited including Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Sudan.

We’ll be at Gallery P21,

21 -27 Chalton Street NW1 1JD  tel +44 207 121 6190 amd info

In Western Europe, we know a bit about giving bit have forgotten how to accept with grace.  I relearned that I bought some olives from a stall holder in Souk Saruja, in Damascus.  I was  in a bit of a hurry  as the man loaded a bag with olives and I put out my hand to get them and  be gone again. But no. He noticed the nad was leaking olive oil everywhere and so he transferred them to another bag and this tiome tied a knot not once but three times to be extra sure while all the time I was anxious to get the bag and diasppear into the crowd. As he quietly went about his task I realised how ungracious I was being and had to slow myself down to match his speed – and to recognise the carfeful job he was doing.

In Palestine, I learned the sign which had to be given in order to  leave the table which, with food still on it and unesten, might have given offence.


So many  pitfalls.  Come to the Gallery 21  on Saturday tat 4pm to join in the discussion and to see some of the tiny cups we drank coffee from in the desert.

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