Turnips, Pumpkins and a man called Jack…..

Happy Samhain! Here’s the story…

Ed Mooney Photography

Samhain Pumpkin

We can blame our American friends for keeping this tradition alive, although much of our Samhain celebrations have been commercialized and corrupted over the years, a flicker of truth which lies just beneath the surface of Halloween can tell a hidden story! Many of you may have heard or perhaps even witnessed a strange, atmospheric or ghostly  light on your travels at night? It is a common sight to see especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. Many witnesses have claimed that it resembles a flickering lamp in the distance which mysteriously disappears when approached! This phenomenon it would seem exists in many cultures and their folklore and is known by  many names. Some may know it as Willo the Wisp, or perhaps the Friar’s Lantern, maybe even  the Hikypunk  or Jack O Lantern? Well tonight I am going to give you the Irish version of the Jack O Lantern. If…

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