Boot camp blues

Still lovin’ it? I must be doing something wrong so. OK, everyone, 20 more press-ups, counting from 1, 2, 3, What’s the matter? No one’s counting. 11, 12.13. Count! let me hear you so I know you’re still breathing. OK Mary? Good gel.Your hair’s on fire, did you know that? No, just takin’ the piss. 15,16,17. OK. At 20 I want you all to run from here out to the yellow pole and back again. The yellow one. OK, Mary, so green’s the new yellow.. It’s nearer, is it?…Anyway, then everyone sprint to the next pole….Everyone OK? Yes? Well, you shouldn’t be. You should be in pain. I’m still doin’ something wrong.. So how about some quickfire lunges then a double sprint round the far pole . Not that one, Mary, the far one.Remind me to bring you a GPS next time… OK, up down, up down. Come on,dig deep. Nearly there.OK, that’s it. Well done, everyone….

Phew. Boot camp’s over for this week.



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