Derry clipper ship nearly home and dry.


    With quite a few boats crossing the finishing line in Hobart today it’s been a ime for celebration but also for commiseration. Ten boats so far have retired one with a broken mast and another stopped to evacuate a crew member with a broken leg. One boat that retired was the Henri Lloyd a main contender in the clipperships race.

   The predicted  storms took longer to arrive than expected but finally hit  last night causing  a far bit of damage to some of the boats.

Still leading the clipper ships though is Londonderry Derry Doire. Making good headway down the east coast of Tasmania, she is expected to arrive around 02:00 Monday – that’s local time which is about four hours from now.

 First in today was the super-maxi yacht Wild Oats, arriving home three hours ahead of her  main rival Perpetual Loyalty the latter said to be the fastest yacht in the world – though not today.

Also in safe and sound is Ragamuffin, skippered by 86 year old Syd Fischer.


For these boats, Hobart is the end opf the line but not for the clipper ships. Sydney to Hobart is the 6th leg in their round the world race. In Hobart, they have a day or two to rest and get their boats sorted, celebrate the New Year and then it’s back to the sea -sailing up the east coast of Australia to Brisebane to let crew off and other crew on before setting sail again this time for Singapore.

But in the meantime, stand by for news of the arrival in Hobart of the Londonderryderrydoire….



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