Good news and bad news for writers

The Irish Writers’ Centre held a seminar about – yes, about writing.
Here are few write-bites:
Guy attending it told me he writes one a short story every five days. And has published 56 short stories this year. Hmmm

Penguin Ireland publishes 22 books per annum, of which 6 are fiction.

The recession means less advertising revenue for newsapapers and therefore fewer pages, therefore fewer book/writer features and fewer reviews.

E-book man, giving a PPP, says e books sell at around £5.59 per copy. We didn’t get the comparative figures for production costs set beside that.

Agent explains it takes about four months to hear from a publisher after sample three chapters have been submitted. She only has four people on her books.

Woman got published then decided to set up small publishing company to publish her own books plus two by other writers, every year. The venture got a boost when they got an order for 170.000 football-related books.
She said that publishers are looking for trends. Food could be one such trend now that we’re all getting fatter etc etc. (That’s me speaking.)
In Germany, they like a lot of thrillers which is great because she writes thrillers. Irish readers, she said, seem to prefer US, German, Danish writers etc to Irish writers.

We withdrew for lunch to the Irish Writers Museum, next door. This place has a bookshop so I did what most writers do – I went in to check if they had my book. They didn’t. They only had Joyce, and Shaw etc. The shop is run by Failte Ireland which was previously Bord Failte eg Irish Tourism so they stock mainly touristy things like green paper napkins, shamrocked tea-towels etc. Nevertheless, the man working there made a note of the name of my book ( in case you’re interested and then asked me to autograph his notebook. He showed me the two previous signatures neither of which I recognised and neither of which was Joyce or GBS.
He emigrated during the last recession (1980) then came back. Now his son has emigrated to Canada and is doing well. An old tale retold…


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    • Thanks for your comment re the event at the IWC. Hope you found it as useful as I did.I’ve posted quite a few nlofgs since then which I hope you’ve had a chance to read. ATB and happy new year…

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