Autumn chill on a spring morning. Can that be right?



Strange days indeed.


Back on my bike but at 0730, cycling into town for my ritual cappo, it’s a freezing morning and foggy. Can this really be spring? It seems more like a hint of autumn chill. Cycling back again at 1030, via the library,I still have to have  my dynamo lights on.

 It’s only by noon that the sun breaks through revealing a blue sky and giving me an hour in the garden doing some pruning.

 Man in the coffee shop says snow is expected. Can this be true? I’ve let my pile of logs run down.

Listened to Clare Balding on BBC R4 – her programme, Rambling, about those great English activists, from  Manchester and Sheffield, who organised mass trespass on land that had been taken from the people by the enclosures, in particular  the Lancashire plateau of Kinder Scout when 400 trespassers turned up to walk the walk.As a result, people have the right to ramble over England’s green and pleasant land. Job done. You should be able to listen to it here:


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